101 Crying Demons
103 God's Last Message
107 How To Have Gods Faith
109 What Then Allen Sings a Dynamic Sermon
111 I am Lucifer
127 Meeting Tonight - David Davis
133 Gene Martin Sings You Happy
141 Miracle Music - David Davis, Tommy Anderson, Jerry McKinney, Billy Preston!
143 Packing Up Getting Ready to Go - David Davis
159 The Healer Of Broken Hearts
169 Up Above My Head
179 Sounds of Revival - Richard Page and David Davis
181 Gospel Organ David Davis Style - David Davis
183 Restoration Revival Alive
191 Camp Meeting (Miracle Valley 10th Anniversary) - David Davis organ, Danny Lee Stutzman, Richard Page piano
193 Restoration Singspiration - David Davis organ, Richard Page piano
195 Sudden Destruction, No Remedy & Spiritual Suicide
197 He Died as A Fool Dieth
202 Come On Get Happy
207 God Is A Killer
211 Prophetic Music - David Davis organ, Richard Page piano
213 The Dawn of a New Day - David Davis
215 The Road of No Return
243 Songs Of Spirit And Life - Richard Page